Summy, summarize quickly and easily!
Synthesize your texts of any language and size in shorter or longer summaries according to your needs!

We use very fast and accurate synthesis algorithms, studied and perfected by professionals over the years and with good experimentally proven results.
Our application allows you to synthesize texts of any language, regardless of the alphabet used (latin, cyrillic, arabic...), providing good summaries for each one.
Your account data and summaries are securely stored on our cloud servers to allow you to access them from different devices, without wasting data or time!
Large texts
It is possible to synthesize large texts (research, long articles, argumentative themes...), in fact summaries of up to 1,000,000 characters are supported!
All the summaries you save can be shared with your friends via a simple link, and if they don't have the application installed, no problem! They will still be able to view the full text and the abstract.
We are particularly keen to provide a good service for students of all levels of education and we try to constantly improve our application, listening to the advice of those who want to help us. If you also have some advice to give us, do not hesitate to contact us!

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